A Mishnah
For Every Neshama

Honor the Souls of Fallen IDF Soldiers by Enriching Lives with Jewish Knowledge

The Steinsaltz Center is undertaking the English translation of Rabbi Steinsaltz’s elucidated Mishnah, which is one of the cornerstones of Jewish knowledge.

Due to the tragic October 7th massacres and the subsequent “Iron Swords” war, we have embarked on a special campaign to honor the memory and preserve the legacy of our precious, brave fallen IDF soldiers. The entire Seder Taharot will be dedicated specifically to their memories.
This effort toward completing the Mishnah, thereby making its study accessible to all, will stand to the credit of our fallen IDF soldiers, as an eternal elevation for their souls.

The words “Mishnah” (משנה) and “Neshamah” (נשמה-soul) share the same Hebrew letters, alluding to the spiritual connection between the pursuit of knowledge and the soul. By dedicating chapters of the Mishnah, you will have a part in the elevation of the departed souls of our dear IDF soldiers.

With his credo of “Let My People Know,” Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz revolutionized Torah learning, making the treasury of Jewish learning accessible to the modern era English speaker through his translations and commentary.
Now, through the Mishnah For Every Neshama campaign, you can take an active role in bringing Torah to the people, while bringing tremendous benefit to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Supporters who partner in the Mishnah for Every Neshama campaign and dedicate at least one Mishnah in honor of fallen IDF soldiers will receive a name dedication in the completed Seder Taharot of the Steinsaltz Mishnah.


MISHNAH – Loyal Supporter

CHAPTER – Benefactor


For inquiries and more information: mishnayot@steinsaltz-center.org

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