South African Friends of Sheba

Join us in raising awareness and philanthropic support for Sheba Medical Center’s compassionate clinical care and cutting-edge research.

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    Top 5 reasons to join

    • Gain eligibility to receive second opinion from senior doctors at Sheba Medical Center
    • Enjoy personalized care when treated at Sheba Medical Center
    • Connect with donors from around the world while attending acclaimed conferences on behalf of Sheba Medical Center
    • Become one of the select ambassadors strengthening ties between the South African Jewish community and Sheba Medical Center
    •  Access exclusive invitations to events, lectures, and the latest news about medical innovations and breakthroughs of Sheba Medical Center

    Let the employment market in Israel be an incentive, not an obstacle!

    Learn more about this programme: | +44 (0) 20 8371 5258

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