Agricultural Community Volunteering

in Israel


    Get to know Israel

    through volunteering on a moshav!

    • Support Israel’s farmers while learning and working the land

    • Including free: room, board, trips, enrichment, entertainment

    This Is for You!

    If you love nature, are interested in modern agriculture, and would like
    to meet Israelis from the full spectrum of Israeli society, as well as young people like yourself from all over the world, this is your opportunity to volunteer on a moshav.

    A moshav is a unique cooperative agricultural community, instituted
    in Israel about a century ago. The moshav consists of economically independent members who are dedicated to growing food for the country, employing the most advanced technological agricultural innovations. Volunteers in our program (minimum 3 months) work five days a week performing various agricultural tasks, with weekends free to tour, party and have fun with their fellow volunteers and local Israelis. Volunteers get free lodgings, food, and even pocket money. A volunteer coordinator is available at all times to provide assistance, guidance and support where needed.

    Why volunteer?

    • Gain hands-on experience and see up close the latest agricultural methods in the fields, orchards, nurseries, greenhouses, fisheries, chicken coops and more

    • Meet different people that make up the diverse fabric of Israeli society

    • Meet young people from all over the world

    • Take trips to discover the rich geographical, historical and cultural context of the State of Israel

    • Participate in educational programs and workshops to explore current issues, including sustainability, water management and recycling as well as Israeli and Jewish culture 

    • Opportunity for personal development and empowerment

    • Hang out with great people, party and have fun

    Why Israel?

    • Discover what lies behind the success and innovation of the “startup nation”

    • Take part in social and cultural gatherings with volunteers from across the globe as well as other workers from Israel’s diverse, unique population, including Israeli Arabs and Palestinians, and foreign agricultural students

    • Learn about what makes the moshav unique

    • Experience the quiet and beauty of nature alongside local hospitality 

    • Take part in Jewish / Israeli celebrations and holidays

    Who Is Eligible?

    • Foreign residents living abroad

    • Age 18- 40 

    • Speaks English

    • Good physical and mental health

    • Registered through the Moshav Volunteer Program*

    *Must have Volunteer Visa with entry and sojourn in Israel approved by the Population and Immigration Authority. Must undertake
    to volunteer in the place assigned and according to the working conditions of that place, and to participate in all program activities.

    *Registration fee required


      Agricultural Community Volunteering

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